Pressure Sewerage System Design

We offer “cradle to grave” infrastructure design solutions. That is, a complete “Water Cycle” servicing strategy that involves water supply, wastewater disposal, treatment and re-use and the integration of these facets under a common monitoring/control regime.

Our specialist services include


  • Options analysis
  • Master planning
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Concept and detailed system design
  • On property design
  • Construction management and advice
  • Operation and maintenance advice

Our Experience

  • We are the original pressure sewerage system designers in Australia.
  • We have completed more than 100 successfully operating pressure sewerage projects, and undertaken over 250 project designs.
  • We have worked with over 40 water Authorities and Councils throughout Australasia.
  • We will ensure that you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that could compromise the long term successful operation of your pressure sewerage system.
  • Our vast experience creates certainty and confidence in delivering successful project outcomes.

Delivering Value and Savings

  • We understand each step in a projects vertical delivery stream.
  • Our designs are based on first principles and our research of real operating schemes.
  • Our construction advice has ensured the success of projects and often saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients.
  • We guarantee our work.

Our design analysis technology

  • Our hydraulic modelling is underpinned by SewerSAM ™, a mathematical probability based model.
  • We consistently calibrate and test our design assumptions and approaches using actual project operating data.
  • Our design approach has now been verified by systems that are in operation to calibrate theory against practice.
  • Our operational verification of design assumptions has led to unique practical design improvements that theory based design simply cannot deliver.

Highly trained and efficient team

  • Extensive technical know-how.
  • Extensive practical know-how.
  • Understand how to best include the community dimension.

Pressure Sewerage Specifics

We specialise in solving difficult problems

Our unique and focused understanding of pressure sewerage has enabled us to recognise and solve a variety of specific problems, such as;

  • Using proven real project design parameters for hydraulic analysis
  • Air and odour management in mains
  • Sewage quality and quantity issues
  • High point loads
  • Multi-phase flow
  • Pumping downhill,
  • Pressure transients that exceed pipe ratings,
  • Peak flow shaving
  • Difficult ground conditions
  • Product advantages and limitations,
  • Mixing centrifugal and positive displacement pumps,
  • Inflow and infiltration issues

What is a Pressure Sewerage System?

Pressure sewerage systems are an innovative, technically sound and cost effective alternative to traditional gravity sewerage systems. Also known as low pressure sewers, the systems comprise of a small bore sewage collection network with an individual pressure sewer pump at each dwelling. A pressure sewerage system incorporates fully welded and sealed pipework that prevents infiltration into the network. The pressure characteristics of the system mean it is not reliant on constant falls in the direction of flow. The pipework (normally polyethylene) is installed in shallow trenches which can be directionally drilled through difficult terrain and sensitive areas resulting in minimal environmental impact. Pressure sewer technology provides technical, commercial and environmental benefits to Water Authorities, communities, developers and installation contractors.